Four Year Full Certificate Training Program in Object Relations Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Object Relations Psychoanalysis

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This Program’s unique curriculum features the supervision groups where the group process is used as a learning medium.
The experiential dimension of psychoanalytic learning is introduced here, and it includes processing of “objective countertransference” feelings, associations, and visceral experiences. This program was re-structured in 2010–2011 academic year, to accommodate the applicants who wish to obtain the full-certificate psychoanalytic training at their own pace.

First and second year of this program each includes two mandatory classes (one dedicated to clinical theory, and another one — to the group supervision process, “Analyst as Instrument”) within each of three 10-week trimesters/ year. In year three and four, there are additional two courses per trimester (6 courses per year, for years 3 and 4), which are required to complete before graduation.

Courses offered in the first two years of this Certificate Program are the same as the classes offered in Two-Year (Advanced) Certificate Program. Those candidates who graduated from our Two-Year Certificate Program can get full credit for their two years of study if they enroll in the Four-Year Full Certificate Program.

Each course (class) can be taken also as a separate certificate course, with or without the group supervision class.

Each course of clinical theory and the group supervision earns 12.5 hrs of post-graduate CE/ psychoanalytic training certificate.

Elective courses are offered at all levels of training.

Please note that these are just some requirements for graduation.

Other requirements include: * Individual Supervision of 35hrs/ year minimum — until the control case is presented to and approved by the Training Committee; *Additional weekly courses in clinical theory (once or twice a week during each trimester, depending on prior training and academic credits); *3‑times per week (minimum 2‑times a week, as per approval of the Training Committee) Training Analysis with an approved object relations analyst; and * Completion/ presentation of a Control Case.
Tuition and Fees:

Registration fee (for the whole Certificate Program) is $100. If courses are taken separately, the registration fee is $25/ course.

Tuition for each mandatory 10-week class/course (Clinical Theory and Group Supervision) is $450.

Tuition for each 10-week trimester (2 classes/ trimester) is $900.

Tuition for each full year: Training Year 1 and 2 (three trimesters, 2 classes each) -$2,700. Training Year 3 and after require additional classes taken (min 1 class/week/ semester — for those with prior training; otherwise 2 classes/week/ semester), and the tuition for each additional class is $450/ semester.

Fee (sliding scale) for individual supervision (mandatory for all candidates in Full Psychoanalytic Training Program, and encouraged for all candidates in other certificate programs) is $65/ hr (minimum 35 hrs per academic year is required, until graduation. First year requirement is 30 hrs of individual supervision). Additional individual supervision (on a sliding scale fee) is available, as per candidate’s request.

Fee for training analysis sessions is flexible and a subject of an agreement between an analyst and a candidate.

For more information about this Certificate Program, please contact: our Institute’s Founder & Executive Director, Susan Kavaler-Adler, PhD, ABPP, NCPsyA at 212–674‑5425 and/ or ; or ORI Administrator and Registrar, Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, at 646–522‑1056 or email at .

Listing of the 1st Year courses (same as in One-Year Certificate Program):

Listing of the 2nd Year courses in 2021–2022 academic year:

Listing of the 3rd and 4th Year courses in 2021–2022 academic year:

Individual supervision and individual analysis are not a mandatory requirement for graduation from this program, but they are strongly encouraged. For the list of ORI faculty members who can be chosen as individual supervisors and individual analysts, please contact the administrator at .

For more information, contact ORI Administrator at 646–522‑1056 or email at


Please NOTE: ALL Certificate Programs and Courses are offered in traditional (in-person) and virtual formats. Virtual (audio-visual or audio) participation is available world-wide, with minimal technical requirements.

For more information, please contact ORI Administrator, Dr. Inna Rozentsvit, at 646–522‑1056.