Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, MBA, MSciEd

Scientific faculty member, Administrator, Programs Director, Community Relations Coordinator, & Editor-in-Chief of the ORI Press and the MindConsiliums

Inna Rozentsvit is a physician-neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist, trained in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, with extensive experience in brain injury, autoimmune neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, as well as their rehabilitation.

Dr. Rozentsvit is a founder of the Neurorecovery Solutions, a non-profit organization which helps neurologically impaired, their families and caregivers in their often heart-breaking journey to well-being. She is also an educator who works with families of children and adults diagnosed with developmental, learning or emotional disabilities, applying transdisciplinary approach —  from the fields of neurology, general medicine, basic sciences, mental health, and pedagogy to solving puzzles of miscommunications and every-day interactions of these children and their parents.

Dr. Rozentsvit is a scientific faculty member and an administrator of the ORI. Her initiative “Support Mental Health Education” on Facebook (Cause # 361700) was well-received by many mental health professionals, students, and even patients. Her course on Neurobiology for Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists at the ORI includes important for all mental health professionals topics: Neurobiology of Self; Neurochemistry of emotions; Neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis) in the eyes of a psychotherapist; Neurobiology of psychosomatic illness; Neuroscience of anger and violence; and others. Many of these topics are included in her forthcoming book Neurobiology is Destiny: A Guide to Brain-Mind-Soul Matters, which was designed for non-scientists and mental health professionals.